Maximum Yield Indoor Growing Expo Denver Colorado

What? Maximum Yield Indoor Growing Expo
Where? Denver Colorado
When? March 10 & 11 2012 Indoor growing expo denver colorado

For those of you who are seasoned at growing indoors, or are just getting started with container growing. This is an indoor garden expo NOT to be missed.
You will have the opportunity to talk with owners and manufactures representatives, as well as find some A-1 distributors of the latest and most efficient way to have an indoor grow.
If you have a store front, be it brick and mortar, or online. Make sure you find “Urban Ag” for that. Ben, will be giving away Plantstay samples while they last, along with other great products for One to carry at One’s store. Or for your local stores to carry for you.

With the projection of food increases needing to be up by 70% by the year 2025. It is no wonder why people are learning to have inside gardens. With the cost of veggies going up and counterfeit Organic food out there, it makes sense for consumers to be going or growing indoors.
By growing indoors or in a controlled environment, such as a green house with the help of artificial light. This allows One to have One’s garden at One’s finger tips year around. Thereby knowing what is going in the food they eat or anything One consumes.

If you are not in the industry and are an enthusiast, go and I am sure you will come out of the indoor garden expo with a bounty of information and samples to justify the small amount of admission to the Denver Colorado Indoor Gardening Expo, hosted by Maximum Yield.

Direct website address to get free admission to the show if you are an industry insider…Must pre register!

Usually includes after party for insiders…”Very cool

Direct link to Indoor Gardening Expo Denver Colorado

Who is going to be at the Denver Colorado indoor garden expo hosted by Maximum Yield?

3D Organics
Age Old Organics
Agrosci, Inc.
Apache Tech Inc.
Arista Wholesale

Biobizz Worldwide BV
Bio Diversity
Black Dog LED

California Grow Films
Canna Propak
Can Filters
Colorado Earth
Composite Structures
Conscious Earthworks
Current Culture H2O
Cutting Edge Solutions
Cyco Flower

Danner Mfg., Inc.
DL Wholesale
Dragonfly Earth Medicine
Dyna-Gro Nutrition Solutions

Eco Growing Systems
Ecological Labratories
Eureka Payments
Everything Green Hydroponics
Excel Air Systems
EYE Lighting

Florida Hydroponics
Forever Flowering
FoxFarm Fertilizer
Future Harvest Development

Global Products Solutions
Green City Wholesale
Green CO2 Systems
Green Hands of Ahola
Green Planet Hydroponics
Greenway Nutrients
Gro High Cal
Grodan Booth:
Grotek Canada
Grow Chief
Growrite Inc.
Growstone LLC
Gualala Robotics

Hanna Instruments
High Caliper Growing
Hum Co. Hydroponics
Humboldt Nation Distribution
Humboldt Nutrients
Humboldt Wholesale
HydroBrick Products
Hydrodynamics International
Hyperion Garden Supply

Infinite Digital Ballast

Labmor Enterprise
Lumatek Digital Ballasts

Maximum Yield
Method Seven Optics
Mo-Flo Vertical Aeroponic Grow Systems
Myron L Company

Natural Industries
NGW/ Sunlight Supply
Nickel City Wholesale Garden
NPK Industries

Oasis Grower Solution
OD’s Distribution
Ozone Environmental

Precision Installation Products Premier Tech Horticulture
Progress Earth

Quest Dehumidifiers

Reforestation Technologies
Root Pouch
Royal Gold

Sanctuary Soil And Feed
Sears Home Pro
Shield N Seal UGro
SG Technology
Shield N Seal
SunGro Horticulture
Sun Land Garden Products
Sypco / Hydrozyme

Tersano International SRL
The Other Tomato
Tin Roof Marketing
Tip Top Bio-Control
Triple Helix Brewing Systems Booth:
True Liberty Bags

Urban Ag~ Tell ’em Simon sent you

Vital Landscaping

ZipGrow Towers
ZymeAlive/Wise Organics


Note: This registration form is for Industry ONLY Day Guests attending the 2012 Denver Indoor Gardening Expo as non-exhibitors. Industry attendees must present TWO of the following in order to enter the show.

valid picture ID;
business card;
business license;
pay stub


your eTicket (which we`ll email to all qualified guests)

About plantstay

I am a new product that was invented for the potted plant industry. I train and maintain your plant in the upright position without ever harming the roots. So I do not cause your plants to stall out, thereby increasing yields. 'Grow-on try me your plants will love you for it. Plantstay "It's like a paper clip for the potted plant"
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