Long Beach Convention Center Indoor Gardening Expo

Maximum Yield Indoor Gardening Expo

October 22, 2011 Long Beach California, the Convention center is bustling with new gadgets; from the latest Nutrient Lines for Hydroponic gardening to staples of the Industry.

I went over there as an insider for Plantstay. What a great time I had and I expect you will too. From the ease of parking 10.00 to the welcome bag with the latest publications, to the Manufacturer’s Top people there to demonstrate their new gear.
I went from booth to booth, to each vendor who shared their products and let me tell you these folks know their products; as well as the competitions. What a treat, as I have been dabbling in indoor gardening for about 2 years now with bits and pieces of equipment, to see if I have the ‘nack for gardening indoors etc, before stepping up and buying a whole system for my home. The more and more I learn about our food supply the more I want to have control over it and year around.
These conventions are the place to come if you are wanting to learn about Hydro Gardening either with traditional ballast equipment, LED or Plasma lighting. There is even a setup that will email you or text you when there is something malfunctioning with your indoor environment, called Sero Systems. Great for those who worry about their gardens and contemplate a nearby vacation, or having to recruit an unwilling house guest. We all know how having a non Gardener cover or watch your plants can turn out. If you want to see what is really out there, go by and visit the Expo when it comes to your town. Open on Sunday to the public. *Tip If you are affiliated with the Business pre-register for a free pass as I did.

For the small price of admission 25.00 Saturday (Industry Insiders) 10.00 Sunday (General Public) I am sure you will learn enough about product knowledge and sign up for enough free samples to justify the cover charge. Plantstay was a hit with the Companies that I shared it with. Samples will be going out next week and hopefully in a store near you. Remember to ask for Plantstay by name. Thank you to Hydrolife for the Sponsorship and industry pass Comped to me.

Industrial size Compost Tea makers "Cool eh?"


About plantstay

I am a new product that was invented for the potted plant industry. I train and maintain your plant in the upright position without ever harming the roots. So I do not cause your plants to stall out, thereby increasing yields. 'Grow-on try me your plants will love you for it. Plantstay "It's like a paper clip for the potted plant"
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