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Plantstay has just posted a new video on our website. We are excited to be up and running. We would like to share with you how to use the product. Please visit . Do not forget to ask for it by name at your local nursery/gardening stores. At Plantstay we do not only want to offer you a new product, we want to help you find solutions for your problems when it comes to your gardening needs. We are more than happy to do the research on what may be ailing your plants. If you are having an issue with some sort of spore or infestation, you can rest assure that others are as well. We would like to be able to help you solve those problems. We are here to help you learn and fix your gardening problems.

We are passionate about growing our fruits and vegetables at home and organically. Make sure to drop us a note. We too are gardeners so there are a number of things that we have to try to over come. Mildew, spider mites, root rot, snails, stunt growth. You name it and we may have experienced the same thing.

We like eggshells to give your plants more calcium before you transplant them. Vitamin be is great just before a transplant to help stabilize and minimize the stress of your plant. A good organic spray is good to help ward off bug. For example some rosemary, with cilantro as well as hot sauce will help keep the bugs away. There are numerous natural healthy ways to combat pest that will not harm your plant or you as the end consumer. Why should the bugs invade our crops and enjoy them.

We are so tired of all the pesticides that the governments allow to placed into our foods. It is a sad thing to know that they allow these chemicals to be in our foods. It is always best to shop for locally grown vegetable in your supermarket. Shop for what is in season and what is organic. It will be that much better for our bodies. Growing your own crops are better for your body. Have any of you watched “Food Matters?”. What a wonderful documentary that is. It is full of so much information such as how vitamin b is beneficial for keeping depression at bay. How you can use vitamin c, which is found in our citrus fruits…can help with a number of bodily ailments. How you can use cherries to help you fall asleep. Cherries and grapes have melatonin in them.

How gardening also helps ward off dementia. Gardening is also a form of exercise for the body and mind. How it will occupy your mind to keep you thinking and alert. How gardening benefits your bottom dollar as you are growing your own. Did you know that fruits and vegetables are mother natures cures for what ails you. I would encourage you guys to watch “Food Matters”. I am sure that you will be more than shocked at what fruits and vegetable can help you over come.

All those years ago we did not have synthesized medicine and still our ancestors were able to find cures. Did you know that olive oil is a natural anti inflammatory? Nature provides us with all of our needs. It is a shame that we all only rely on modern medicine to cure us. I understand that at times all we have is modern medicine or what our doctors recommend for us and that is fine, I am not stating to get off of those medicines, I am just stating that nature can give us so much help. I am one that needs to boost up on vitamin B. For example, I have a stress for life and job, so vitamin b has been known to help in stress reduction. What a great way to help manage stress right. I am sure that all of you as well have stressful lives why not give vitamin b a chance, I know that I am.

Here at Plantstay, we care to help you all. We are also dedicated to get the word out about all the benefits of gardening. We are passionate about this. Please send in your questions and we will do what we can. Post your questions on here so that others can give you their solutions as well. Let us know what you think about Food Matters. We have a list of other documentaries that we have enjoyed. We are more than happy to share those as well.

Stay healthy.



About plantstay

I am a new product that was invented for the potted plant industry. I train and maintain your plant in the upright position without ever harming the roots. So I do not cause your plants to stall out, thereby increasing yields. 'Grow-on try me your plants will love you for it. Plantstay "It's like a paper clip for the potted plant"
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