Plantstay is on its way!!

We are very excited to inform all of our followers that Plantstay is to arrive here in the next few weeks. We are overwhelmed with excitement. We have been waiting for this time to come for what seems like forever. We are please that our product will be helping you change the way you tend to your plants. We want to thank all of your for your questions on our product and look forward to being around for a long time. As you well know Plantstay is an alternative product to maintaining your potted plants in its up right position. Even if you grow in small Hydroponic containers, we made sure to think of you as well so that is why we wanted to make sure that we had a small device that would work with your type of container. Plantstay does not affect your rooting system which in turn does not stall your plant. It is an innovative device which we felt was a need in the gardening world. We have tried many different systems yet they all seem to have to go into the soil. We are just gardeners too that want more yield out of our plants. We have tried many different types of material, we pondered our brains until we found the material that Plantstay is currently made of.

We will be looking for other ways to help out in the gardening communities as well. We are in the process of experimenting with a soil as well. I will let you know how that goes.

Plantstay is on its way at a perfect time. It is growing season and what a great gift to give to someone you love. Here at Plantstay we are a customer friendly company we offer advice with plants and veggies. So please do not hesitate to ask us about your plants. We many not have all the answers, yet we will take the time to research what your concern is and get back to you. We feel that in this day and age we have to give back to the community. We give back by helping you take care of your plants. The way the economy is going we have to grow some of our produce. It is very expensive out there. We spend so much money in veggies a week that it makes sense to take the time to grow our own. Do you know that squash is up to 1.99 a lbs… wow that that is a lot ofmoney. If you shop the sales you can find deals out there. Yet if you grow it what a better deal than that. I can not say that it is free when you grow it as you have to spend time on it. You also have to buy the soil but it does come out to be less expensive growing the plants at home. Also gardening is considered therapeutic. Lets not forget that it also helps you keep your brain active, which in turns helps depression. Not only those two great things but gardening also keeps you active and outside getting some good old sun light. Many benefits to gardening.

Have a wonderful day.


About plantstay

I am a new product that was invented for the potted plant industry. I train and maintain your plant in the upright position without ever harming the roots. So I do not cause your plants to stall out, thereby increasing yields. 'Grow-on try me your plants will love you for it. Plantstay "It's like a paper clip for the potted plant"
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