What are the benefits of using coffee grounds in my garden?

Coffee grounds are loaded with a number of nutrients. For instance, you have nitrogen in coffee. What nitrogen does for your plants is it aids in the health and quick growth of your plants and improves on the yields of your plants. Coffee grounds also has calcium, which is essential to all living organisms including your plants. Plants need calcium for cell wall development and growth. Plants need calcium to help them absorb the nitrogen that you are giving them which is already in the coffee grounds. Magnesium is also found in coffee grounds, which has a number of different uses in your plants. Magnesium does the following : * Photosynthesis: Mg is the central element of the chlorophyll molecule.
* Carrier of Phosphorus in the plant
* Magnesium is both an enzyme activator and a constituent of many enzymes
* Sugar synthesis
* Starch translocation
* Plant oil and fat formation
* Nutrient uptake control
* Increase Iron utilization
* Aid nitrogen fixation in legume nodules

Wow, that is a lot of things that our used coffee grounds can offer our plants. How many of you just dump your grounds? I know that I used to. Now when I am growing my veggies, I just go ahead and dump it out there. You know what is silly of me though, is that I should be dumping my grounds all year round even when nothing is growing just to condition the soil, but I do not even think of doing that. So this is something that I will have to work on.

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Other benefits of coffee grounds in your soil.

Additions fun facts.

Aside from the information above, coffee grounds are also bug deterrents. It will run off garden pest such as snails, ants and those nasty slugs. You all know that here at Plantstay we like using organic matter instead of those chemicals found in many products currently in the market. You also know that we are always concerned with the bottom line. So with coffee grounds, you use them once for your morning coffee and then you use them again to aid in your garden. I mean that is a wonderful way to make the bottom line go further as you will not have to buy the calcium, nitrogen or magnesium that is already found in a product that you use daily.

I will have to say that you should be careful not too add too much coffee grounds to your garden as coffee does turn your soil acidic. Make sure that you are adding these ground to an area or to a plant that will enjoy the benefits for example broccoli love it as well as spinach.

Happy Gardening from us here at Plantstay.


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2 Responses to What are the benefits of using coffee grounds in my garden?

  1. Jim Harding says:

    I keep reading about how coffee grounds are acidic and even found one post that cited what looks like authoratative research to back up thier claim that coffee has a pH 0f 5.0. However upon futher investigation I came across another source, alos with looked liked authortative research, that claimed a 6.9 pH. The difference was the pH readng was taken after the coffee had been brewed. Being of a curious mind I took some coffee grounds home from work and did my own pH test with my Kelway meter – bingo 6.9 pH!

    Needless to say I very perplexed as to why so many sources say coffee grounds are acidic? I serioulsy doubt anyone is adding unbrewed coffee grounds to their garden.

    Can you help clarify whether coffee grounds after being brewed are indeed acidic or not? – Thanks!

    • plantstay says:

      Coffee Grounds are used after brewing, the benefits are not as much for Ph decrease as they are chalked full of Nitrogen. Nitrogen will actually decrease Ph
      When a plant burns or uses Nitrogen the Ph in the soil will rise as the Nitrogen is depleted. I would have to then come to the conclusion that adding coffee grounds would have an acidic effect rather then a buffering of alkalinity or Ph up. Some have studies showing Coffee is usually around 5.1 PH. However if you are attempting to lower you PH try using Pete Moss. I do not think coffee will bring down the soil as much a phosphoric acid would when watering. I do know growing my lettuce in Pete moss and coffee grounds makes for a nice medium. Sorry for the delay on getting back to you. Hope this helps and answered your concerns.

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