Other use for Plantstay

Ok, so I have this plant in my home that likes its room. It is a very beautiful plant as you will see in the pictures, yet it is encroaching in my space now that she is so big. I am sure that many of you know what I am talking about. Some plants need extra room. At this time I do not have the extra room to give her. So being that this particular plant does not like to be touched. If she is touched she gets dead spots on her leaves. It is a lovely plant that really has four separate stalks. So, I decided to use one of my Plantstays to help keep this plant in her own space and not intrude in mine. I simply attached Plantstay as it would normally be used. I just wanted to share with you how handy the device is.

I have also used Plantstay as a prop to one of my more weaker plants. I had a plant that just needed a leaning partner as she matured. I simply took one of my handy Plantstay’s, but it upright against the plant with the “U” shape section up near the plant and it gave her a helping hand.

I just wanted to give you guys other ideas and or ways of how to use Plantstay. We are still growing and finding out what neat things we can do with our product. We know that you will love our product as much as we do for the simplicity that it offers.

Have you heard about Plantstay?

How to use Plantstay.

Have you heard about Plantstay? Here is a brief summary about Plantstay.

Plantstay was invented with the potted plant industry and grower in mind. The concept of Plantstay is to have a garden device/tool that will train and maintain your plant to grown in its upright position with out the need of stabbing a stake into the roots of your plants. Why do you not want to stab the roots you ask? I am glad that you asked. The roots of our plants are what helps them grow strong. The receive their nutrients via their roots. Just like the vain of a human give us our blood supply. So when we harm the roots, we can do a number of things to our plants. We stall them so their growth will be delayed for a few days to a few weeks. We can also cause part of our plant to die if the feeder roots are unable to grow back. Plants are living things and we should take care of them the best that we can.

So what made us come up with Plantstay. We too had leaning plants.. we too love to grow all different types of things from broccoli to just adorning plants around the house. So we noticed that our veggies were stalling so we did plenty of ready and thought that it was time to find a new way to straighten our plants without the use of a stake. We just could not find anything in the nurseries or at the hardware store to use as aprop. We made one out of a coat hanger and what happened was that it started to rust.. so that was not good.. so now we have the idea of what we want to use but the simplecoat hanger just would not do. So we started reading about different materials, and how they would affect the plant as well… we also found out that some types of metal just are not garden friendly as the plants did not like them either… LOL.. so we finally found our proper metal that would work with the plant and the out door environment. So now that brings you up to speed.

Plantstay the paper clip for potted plants.

Grow on try it.


About plantstay

I am a new product that was invented for the potted plant industry. I train and maintain your plant in the upright position without ever harming the roots. So I do not cause your plants to stall out, thereby increasing yields. 'Grow-on try me your plants will love you for it. Plantstay "It's like a paper clip for the potted plant"
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