How to Tell if your Plant Needs Water?

I have often wondered if I am giving my plants the proper amount of water.  At times, it is difficult for me to tell.  Here are a few ways to check to make sure that your plants are not dehydrated.

The first and most simple way is to stick your finger into the soil about an inch or so, if it is moist then your plant is well watered.  If you find that your finger comes out dry then you may want to water your plants.  Another way to check the moisture in your soil is to purchase a meter that will say, dry, moist or wet…, I have had one of these for a few years now and they are very easy to use.  I happen to think that this device is great.  I do need to purchase a new one.

Visual ways of knowing that your plant is running on the dry side is if the plant begins to droop or it leaves are not fully green.  If you notice that your plant is starting to brown that is definitely a sign that your babies need water.  Also if you see that the flower or blossoms on your plants drop prematurely, this may be an other indication that your plants need to H2O.  If your plants are in pots, you can also tell by the weight.  If your plant feel light it is an sign that your plant needs water.

Water is very important to our plants just as it is for us.  Plants require water in order to bloom and grow.  So knowing when to water, how much to water is key to healthy plants.  The amount of sunlight that they receive also factors in to how much and how often you will need to water.

When I have an outside garden, I like to water my plants daily and in the morning.  If I am growing watermelons, I know that these guys like plenty of water during their growing stage, so I normally water them two or three times a day depending on how hot it is as watermelons need lots of water for proper growth.

One can also water too much, so be aware of this matter too.  Over watering can lead to root rot amongst other things.  If your plant is over watered you may see color changes in them as well.

So take care of your plants, do a few simple test on them and you will enjoy the fruit of your labor more.

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