What vegetables grow well in containers?

What vegetables grow well in containers.

Growing your own pesticide free vegetable in containers is very rewarding. Not only do you know what it is that is going into your crops but you end up saving money. In this economy nothing could be better.

So what do you have to know in order to obtain healthy container plants and or vegetables. What types of pots are you going to need? What type of soil will it require? How much do you water? How often do you feed? Where do you place them? All good questions, and I would like to go over a few of these questions in this article.

What size pots will you need? It all depends on what you are growing. So let me list some plants that will grow well in a 9-12 inch containers. We have green onions, they do take some time to reach full maturity about 100-120 days. I have used them well before this time but I snip then from the tops and they do keep growing. Plant these about 3 inches apart, as well as beets. Swiss chard, lettuce, spinach, radishes as well can be grown in these containers. They need about 5 or 6 inches apart. These vegetables all have shallow roots so they do not need a deep container.

Vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, eggplant and peppers have med to long roots. I would place these in a 14-16 inch pot. Again they do have longer roots. Place these about a foot away from one an other. Yet they do grow well. I have broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage growing right now in Dec. My cauliflower is doing well, it has a head and it is growing in my soil. It is an experiment that I was trying. My plants are striving and doing well in comparison to the more expensive leading brands. Yet that is an other topic for an other day.

Zucchini, squashes and cucumbers grow well in larger pots such as 16-18 inch pots. Yes they do require more dirt as they do grow deep roots. Some of you that have grown any of these vegetables in the past know that they are vine plants. It is a great idea to grow them on a trellis. That being said, once the fruit starts to come in, the weight that they bare can be a little too much for their vines, so what I do is take some old used pantyhose that have a tare in them and make a hammock out of it. So the fruit is in the center and I attach the fruit to the trellis. It is a cheap way to add support to your plant. I have done this with watermelons too. I have also read about bush varieties of pumpkin, acorn, and zucchini. I have never grown a bush type of these vegetables, so I can not honestly answer that for you.

Make sure that your pots are well draining and that they will receive the sunlight that is stated in the back of your seed package. As for the water if I put my finger on top of the soil and it is not moist to the touch then I will water. I like to add coco fiber to my soil as it also hold water to release at a later time. Some will add peat moss or sphagnum.

So give gardening a try. You will love the freshness of the fruit of your labor.

Container growing

Easy to grown container vegetables

One easy to grow squash is butternut squash. It does not like to be transplanted, well many plants are not tolerable to transplants. For this squash you will need a deep pot about 18 inches deep and again make sure that your pot has drainage. I would also suggest that you put empty plastic bottles at the bottom of the container. This will take up some space in the pot so that it will safe you some money as well as add extra drainage. Use potting soil mixed with compost as well as fertilizer or slow release fertilizer. Plant squash that say space saver or bush or compact on the package. Always make sure that youwater enough and that you give your wonderful plant the amount of sun that it requires.

Happy Gardening.

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