Additional benefits of Gardening.

Gardening has many benefits.  Not only does gardening save money on your fruits and vegetables but it has many other benefits.  I am going to go over some of them now, just not in too much detail.  If you would like, I could always break it down further so that you will have information right at your finger tips.

Gardening is known to help with depression.  Did you know that just getting outside will increase your vitamin D dose.  Vitamin D is an aid to the body to help with the pick up of calcium.  Also it is known that just going outside and getting some sun will uplift your spirits.

Gardening is great for the elderly as well.  There are studies which show that gardening helps to battle with Alzheimer’s as well as dementia.  For those that are in senior communities, gardening also makes socializing easier.  As it is common for gardeners to speak with one an other.  So, not only are your battling dementia you are also becoming more involved with others in your surrounding.  I have also read about hand eye coordination while gardening.  Further more gardening helps to maintain strength in your hands as you have to pull and pick out weeds.

Self esteem–Gardening requires hard work and dedication. The reward for this effort is a great sense of accomplishment and increased self-esteem.  Being able to share the fruit of your labor has also been proven to help with self esteem.  It makes you feel good when you see how your seeds grows and develops into a healthy plant.  You also have to be patient as this does not happen over night so you will learn to live in garden time.  Self esteem grows when we are doing something that makes us feel useful.

Exercise–you will encounter stretching, weightlifting and moderate cardiovascular.  While mowing the lawn you will be doing moderate cardio.  How great is that.  Weightlifting comes into affect when you are moving that bag of soil from one side of the yard to the other, moving the containers that you just filled and while turning your soil.  You do this action over and over in your yard.  Strecthing is achieved when you bend down to pick out some weeds, and while twisting and turning to get this or that.  Reaching above your head to reach the plant food that is above your head.

SO ahead and start a garden, You will be amazed at how wonderful you are feeling and the satisfactions that it will bring into your life.

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