Gardening and the economy.

Gardening helps to save money as you are growing items that you will consume. I have to say that it is very shocking the price of produce. If you are lucky and can find the produce that you consume on sale you are paying at least 99 cents a pound for these items. Lets start with tomatoes. If you grow at least two plants that is more than enough to feed a family. I picked tomatoes for salads, which normally would run me 1.69 a lb at the store. I would normally buy four or so lbs for a week…. then if you like to have pasta you spend on pasta sauce, I will just guess at 4.00 a jar. If you have tomatoplants you can make your own sauce as well as reap the benefits of having a fresh non preservative added sauce which is way better for you. If you grow zucchini, there is at least 10 dollars a month that you are saving while growing your own. Again let us not forget the advantages of knowing what it is that you are putting into yourplants as far as pesticides go. So again healthier for you. Zucchini can be made a number of ways, from grilling, baking, stir fry, raw, stuffed and of course a sweet treat, zucchini bread. Very yummy and healthy for you. Broccoli is an other veggie that I find is easy to grow, does not take up a lot of room and saves you money if grown at home. That is at least an other 10-15 dollars a month that you are saving. How great is it to have such a therapeutic hobby that will save you money as well. (we will discuss the therapeutic aspects of gardening at a later time.) I also like growing cucumbers as that is just one of the many things that I love to eat. There you are also saving at least five dollars a month. How about growing your own herbs. How great is it to have fresh basil to go into your sauce’s or on a slice of bread with a little cheese. What a great flavor. If you like tea, you can grow your own items for this as well, Jasmin, chamomile, mints, and the list goes on.

Can you see the benefits and savings of having your own garden? In a month one can save at least 50.00 dollars or more a month. On the low that is 50.00 dollars a month. I mean if you think about lettuce, tomato, zucchini, broccoli, cucumbers, basil, scallion, parsley, carrots if you have a deep pot, radishes, green beans, cabbage, swiss chard which is very easy to grow, you can grow your spinach as well. That is an easy 50-75 dollars a month savings.

Gardens are easy to get going if you have a yard. So why not try to use the land that you have to help you save a few bucks a month on grocery bills.

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Container Gardening can save you money too!

If you do not have a back yard you can still benefit from gardening. Many of the plants that are grown in the back yard do very well in containers. I am sure that many if not all of you have seen how to grow the tomato in the upside down planters for the tomato. You can also grow many other yummy veggies in this manner as well. I have to say that if you know how deep or how much room a plant will need you can grow it. Lets take carrots for an example, they require something that is fairly deep. While carrots take a while to grow you can do some companion gardening and put some radishes in that pot as well. So how cool is that. Broccoli, I have to say grows long roots and it is going to more of an area to grow than most veggie do. It is still possible to grow it and keep it very healthy. Also remember that broccoli will give you a main head and then go on to give you smaller side heads. This is a great veggie to grow as it can be used in a number of different ways. Lets talk about swiss chard, I find that this veggie is one of the most easiest to grow and will grow just about anywhere. It is very fruitful and does continue to grow well into the winter. It can handle a lot of different climates.

So what will it take you to start your container garden? Well of course you are going to need pots that fit the need of our plant. You will need some soil, garden soil that is as well as nutrients so that they will grow healthy and strong. You are going to want to have an area that does get the sun that theplants will need. Make sure that you have good aeration, so add some coco fiber to your soil. If you are going to use a big pot for carrots or some other rooting veggie, you may want to put bricks at the bottom to take up some space. This way you save on the soil and create aeration at the same time.

So remember if you can grow it in your garden you may be able to grow it in a container. Why not give it a try and see what you get.

For me, it is about having fresh vegetables on the table with out all the pesticides and fungicide that companies that mass produce have to incorporate into their crops. Growing your own vegetables is also gratifying as you have the chance to see the fruit of your labor. You can do this all organic as well. So why not give it a try. The benefits are by far more rewarding that you could have ever imagines.

I have to say that I have not tried growing anything the hydroponic way as of yet. I truly enjoy soil growing. Yet there are many benefits to growing your veggies the hydro way. I do know that they can be kept in doors and that there are a number of different types of houses that you can have for hydro growth. If you have had the chance to grow the hydro way please leave us further information on this process. I am going to have to do more research on this method of growing before I could be comfortable with giving my opinion on it. Again if you are familiar with this method, I would love to have your point of view on it. So please leave us a comment.

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2 Responses to Gardening and the economy.

  1. pobept says:

    Over the past 2 years or so I have posted several times about backyard gardens, small and ‘very’ small gardens as well as container plantings. [ website ] and my Town and Country Farming blog [ ]

    You are correct few people realize how easy it is to grow a few vegetables and the rewards of their efforts both in personal health benefits and money saved.

    My target subjects range from gardening to raising chickens and rabbits with a few easy DIY projects in the mix as well.

    Keep writing and posting, seems some people need to reminded every year to plant a garden for fun, food and saving a lot of money.

    • plantstay says:

      Hi Pobept,
      I want to thank you for your comment. I will look at your site as well. It is amazing how much money one can save by doing some gardening and the rewards are more than just saving money. One gets a healthier crop, as you can do it all organic. What I have found in reading is that gardening is also beneficial for the mind. So to me there are many benefits of having a do it yourself garden.

      Thank you again for your input.

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