What veggies grow in the cold months.

New to growing in cold weather? Well so am I. So maybe we can help one an other. It will be December 1st tomorrow and I am planning to start a few new crops. I will be trying to grow some lettuce as I know that it will put up with the cold weather that we are currently having in Southern California. I will also have the following crops going just to see how they make out and hold up in these cold times. Not to mention everything that I will be growing will be out in the cold, in containers as well as in little to no direct sunlight. Why would I do such a crazy thing you ask. Well I like having my own veggies, and right now, I have no other choice but to do this. I will be planing my seeds on Wed, yet, I will have them in trays growing indoors as they do need to germinate. I also plan to keep them indoors until the seedlings are about a month old. I will tell you how things go. Right now I have the following seeds on hand. I am going to do broccoli as stated, pumpkin, spaghetti squash, lettuce, spinach, swiss chard, acorn squash as well as some herbs, basil, cilantro, parsley, and chamomile.

I have grown a number of things in the past. I have always managed to get direct sunlight to them though. This is the first time that I am experimenting with little to no sunlight. I would like to know if you guys have any other items that I could try. I do know that most of our fruiting vegetables need at least of six hours of light. Yet I would like to see if having indirect sunlight will work. I will be having my pots outside on a patio once they are a few weeks old.

I do know that they will need a little extra loving care and a little more fertilization but that is something that I am willing to do. I know that proper watering is going to need more attention as well. I will make sure to mulch well and even add a layer of black plastic to the base of the plant to make sure that it will be able to hold some heat.

I would like your help, experience and knowledge in this matter. Please share your knowledge with me as well as others. If you have grown in the winter months and have a tip and or trick I am more than interested to know it.

Other plants that grow during the cold weather.

There are many plants that will survive these harsh times other than the vegetables that I have listed above. I mostly write about vegetables as that is what I like to grow. Yet, ferns do well in with minimal light and in cold weather. I also read that Mothers Tongue also does well. Many many more. Feel free to add what you grow to this list.

Annuals that grow Ornamental Cabbage and Kale, Snapdragons, as well as marigolds.

Perennials that you may want to look into as well are:Ivy, Winter Pansy, Chrysanthemums are just a few that will grow well during this time of the year.

Herbs to remember that will also grow during this time of the year are rosemary, sage, cilantro, I have had luck with so far, and basil is also chugging outside at the present moment. I do have some green onions out there too.

Some of you may want to try growing in green houses. I have a post on this already. There are some great simple green houses that one can buy. At this time, I do not wish to reconstruct one. I just hope that this experiment will go well.

I will try to keep you updated at least once a month.


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