Gardening with your Child

I would have to say that gardening with your child should be a great time to develop skills that they will not learn in school. Children are also great with gardening as they love to play in the dirt. A child is also very curious, so why not have them help you out in the garden. I also know that children like to see results quickly. So lets start off with some fast growing veggies.
Here are some of the things that grow quickly and that a child may love as well. It will add color to your garden and a smile to their faces. It will boost their self esteem as they see what they have started grow.
If your child does not like to eat their veggies why not have them help you in the garden. You may be surprised as they may want to try what they have just grown. So you may just be surprised at how much fun a gardening can be with your child. Not only is it educational, and may get your picky eater to eat their veggies, but most importantly, it is the bonding that goes on. Your time shared with your child in the garden is just priceless.
Radishes are easy, fast sprouting and have great color to them. They are one of the quickest to sprout, I think that they are up in 5 or so days and will be ready to pick in under 30 days. Now that is fast results.
Carrots are fun to grow to as they are a good companion for radishes and you can use your radish as a land mark as to where the carrots are going to be coming in. As you are ready to pull your radish, your carrots will have greens. These two just seem to go hand in hand for me in container garden. Also to make it more fun try adding a purple carrot to your garden. As carrots now come in a few colors.
Pumpkins, if you have the room for them are great for children also. They will be so excited to be growing their own pumpkins for Halloween. Pumpkins take about 80 to 120 days so try to plant them towards the end of June to mid July. Pumpkins grow nicely sprout in about 2 weeks and will start to vine. Try to maintain about 2-4 pumpkins to a vine. Remember to pick off any new growing pumpkins so that the ones that you keep may grow strong and big. Pumpkins are like melons and are ready to pick when you thump them and you hear a hollow in side. Once picked, carve with your child, make roasted pumpkin seeds and or save seeds for next season.
Zucchini is a great veggie to grow if your children like it. I find that Black Beauty grows quickly. This plant yields large fruits and has a buttery flavor. It is a favorite in my home. If your child is not used to this veggie try making a zucchini bread… that may just change their mind. It sure is a hit. Grilled zucchini is great as well as steamed with a little butter.
I like growing herbs also, so green onions are great, cilantro is an other wonderful herb to grow as well as basil. These are all easy to grow and your child enjoy the sent. I also like growing chamomile, it has a wonderful sent that all children love and is great to make a sweet tea out of.
Tomatoes are great to plant with children too. Most children love tomatoes. I would suggest all different types of tomatoes. You have your cherry tomato which are great for them to just pop in their mouths and of course roma tomato which is great for making sauces, all children love pizza and spaghetti, and what about beef tomato which are great for burgers. You will also be showing them that even veggies that have the same name come in different shapes and sizes.
Strawberries, I have never tried to grow but I know that this is a kids favorite fruit. Yet since they are low to the grown it may be best to plant these in containers as well as cover them so that the birds, dogs, cats and so on and so forth do not get to them first. Strawberries are a wonderful addition to any garden and I plan to try growing some this year.
Have fun gardening and enjoy your time together. It is short and goes by quickly.

Schools Out, Teach responsibility, built long lasting memories.

Schools out and the kids have nothing to do. Why not teach them to garden. We all know that children love playing in dirt and getting dirty. So lets put their intriguing minds to work in a useful way that will teach them how to grow their own veggies, maybe teach them to eat vegatable, boost self esteem, a have some great bonding time together.

I would have to say that the first place to start is by getting them their own tools. I know a number of retailers do carry tools that are made just for the little tykes. They will enjoy getting a new toy and most can hardly wait to go outside and try it. I would suggest an area all for them if you have the space in your garden.
Children like to ask a lot of questions so be patient remember that you are teaching them something valuable yet fun at the same token. Try to look at things via their eyes. Use words that will be easy for them to understand and again have fun. This is after all suppose to be fun for all.
Children love the anticipation of waiting for their seeds to sprouts, they check their projects everyday, you are teaching them responsibility as well.
Make sure to keep your children involved in their gardening, Ask them what their plants needs to grow… ask them if they have watered their plants, where should we plant these….ask them to read the instructions with you.. talk about sun light. When their plants are growing share in their excitement, ask if it is time to pick? Show that you are interested in their opinion too. So that they know that their opinion matters as well. Children are great little helpers if we just teach them responsibility.

Enjoy your garden with your child you are building wonderful memories, so make sure to take pictures. They will love to show their friends what they are doing and what they are growing.

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