Companion Planting/herbs to repel pest.

I would like to talk about pesticides again. I find that I am always fight pest in my garden. I do a lot of research to find natural ways to fight my critters. So I would like to share some of them with you.

Garlic is one spice that is often used in the garden. You can grow garlic with some of your plants to deter red spider mites to your tomatoes.


Make a formula to spray on your plants. Formula is 4 ounces of garlic crushed with 2 two tablespoons of mineral oil as well as one tablespoon of emulsion and let sit for a day or two, store it in a glass container. When you are ready to use dilute in water to equal 1 part formula to about 15 part water or there about. Spray it on your plants to deter aphids and onion flies. I have added red pepper as well as hot sauce to this formula.

Oregano, may be planted with cabbage, broccoli, cucumber, grape vines and cauliflower to help repel cabbage butterflies and cucumber beetles.. I have not used this one as of yet but it will be in my garden next time around. I love all of these vegetables that oregano helps to protect so that will be a must for my next garden.

Have you tried companion planting? If not here are a few that I have used.
Tomato with basil. Repels mosquito’s and flies, it is recommended about three to a tomato plant.
Mint- never near parsley but near cabbage is good.
Garlic- repels red spider mites great insecticide after steeping in water. Good to plant near fruit tree’s and tomatoes.
Oregano- great near grapes, cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower and cucumbers. Repels cucumber beetles.
Rosemary-beans carrots and cabbage…do not plant near potato.
Thyme- helps fight against cabbage worm
Sage- does not get along with cucumbers.

I also use rosemary as a tea, I boil the rosemary add some pure neem oil some garlic, and hot sauce water a dash of soap and that goes into a spray bottle and onto my plants it goes.
My formula, I take a cup of water, 4 med sprigs of rosemary off of my plant , chop 4 cloves of garlic, 2 drops of antibacterial soap, a few drops of hot sauce or red pepper flakes and about 1/8 of a cup of neem oil. I let this sit over night and off to the garden it goes.
This is what works for me. Everyone is free to add or take away what they like.

These are just a few. There are plenty more that one can research.

If you know of any companion plants please let us know. It would be great to add to the list.


your plants will love you for it


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