How to pick the right pots for your plants?

How to pick the right pots for your plants?

It can be confusing when choosing a pot for a plant. I know that I have to think about this when I go shopping for my veggies. So here is what I have been doing and I hope that it helps you as well. If I am growing peppers or tomatoes I do start out with placing them in about a 5 gallon pot. I have had good luck with that. I also like to use up as much space as possible, so I will plant tomatoes with basil. This way I have two items growing in one container. I would also just stick to putting only one tomato plant in a container. You will yield more fruit when you have one strong healthy plant. You should also think about how deep your plant will need to root. I like to grow my carrots in a large 24″ pot that is also very deep. The reason for this is that carrots are a root vegetable and they need room to grow deep. Broccoli is a new one that I am trying in a pot. I know that these guys have long roots.. so I have chosen a tall five gallon pot. In my opinion for this vegetable, I feel that deeper is better than wider. I will let you know how this goes. Right now I have two in pots and two in the ground. My two that are in pots are experiments that I am doing. That is for an other subject though. LOL.

You also do not want to have a big pot with just a little flower in the middle, or have a huge plant in a tiny pot. This will not let the roots grow, or keep the plant healthy. Again, this is subject to what you are growing. I can not say that bigger is always better so you should know your plants a little to better pick what they need. It is also estimated that the plant should not be more than twice the height of the pot and or 1.5-2 time wider than the pot.

I try not to replant my veggies as they are sensitive to change or root trauma. It may sound silly but when I transplant, I try to think about how big my plant is going to be in three months from the day that I plant it. Many people do not like this one step process, so they choose to replant. This of course is your choice. For me, I find that I like to leave my veggies as undisturbed as possible. I feel that shock to the roots, is detrimental to my veggies and stuns their progress.

How do I water my container plants?

I find that you can grow anything that you want in a pot. We do have to be more aware of watering. We have to look to make sure that there are drain holes in our pots. If there is none, you may want to consider drilling some. If this is not an option you may want to add some rocks or empty bottles/bricks at the bottom to give it aeration. It is important so that the water does not just sit there and root our plants. I also like to make sure that I see at least 10% run off. Meaning that water is coming out of the bottom of the pots.

There are plenty of different soils out there for pot use. I like to add a little coco fiber as well. I find that coco fiber works well for me. We all have what we feel works best. So trust your judgment.

Container gardening can be fun. So why not give it a try. Do not forget to give your plants the nutrients that they will need as they are depending on you to make sure that you feed them. To them you are their life support.




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