How to maintain outdoor plants during the winter?

Many gardeners think that it is impossible to grow happy healthy plants during the cold months. Here are a few tips that may help you out during these times. I know that I do not want to stop growing my vegetables. Do you want to stop growing your own vegetables? Would you like to keep your garden going during these times?

If your plants are in the ground it is suggested to place 2-3 inches of mulch down around the base of your plants. Cover plants before the first frost. I use heavy plastic that I place around the base of my plants and use mulch to cover them up. I also make holes in the plastic so that the plants can get fresh air. Some use frost blankets, made that are made of special fibers or polystyrene, a rigid plastic. We also think that the plastics should be removed if temperature are going to be well above the freezing point. As to prevent rotting. Many people also forget to water their plants during these times or water them less often. This should not be the case. Our plants do not stop needing nutrients. They will still need to be watered. You will also want to make sure that they are well fed during the summer months.

If you have a specific area in your yard that you use for your plant, think about lighting. I use a grow light to keep my plants warm during these cold times as well. If you go to Plantstay site you may be able to find information on different types of light. As a matter a fact I will write that in tomorrows blog.

I also believe that if you are growing veggies like squash, the thicker the skin the better or hardier that they will be for the winter months.

I hope all goes well with your garden.

Plantstay your plants will love you for it.

I have a few other tips that may be silly to some but does work.

For my smaller plants for example my butter lettuce, I use empty milk just to cover them. I cut off the top of the gallon and place it over the gallon over my plants. Now for those of you that are not growing veggies, you can also collect all of the leaves of the plant and wrap them together to help keep insulation. I have an other garden that is not too tall and what I did was make a little house for them. It almost looks like a tepee and then I drape a heave material cloth over it so that it will keep heat in as well. My plants that are in pots, I bring in at night. There are a number of ways to keep your garden alive and healthy during these months.

Do you have any ideas that I did not cover?
Please add to this list. New and bright ideas are always appreciated. We are all gardeners out here and advise or an other perspective is always great.

About plantstay

I am a new product that was invented for the potted plant industry. I train and maintain your plant in the upright position without ever harming the roots. So I do not cause your plants to stall out, thereby increasing yields. 'Grow-on try me your plants will love you for it. Plantstay "It's like a paper clip for the potted plant"
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