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Plantstay is designed to train and maintain potted plant’s in their upright position without having to stab a stick into the heart of the plant or root system. The new better way, to support a potted plant. Conventional methods would require a stick to be stabbed into the root ball. Then a clip or tie is fastened to the stick which then is attached to the plant. Over time you can see in the first picture, the damage that the old conventional method causes; after so many watering(s), ‘bumps’ and re-adjustments as well as broken/loose clips that may have rotted in the mid-day sun. Then of course, one finds their plant leaning over almost ready to break! The attempt to re-position the stake that once supported the plant finally broke part of the root system (Pictured above first on the Left). The Plumeria tree in these pictures are what prompted the design of Plantstay.

Think about it…  a revolutionary way to take care of your Potted Plants without having to damage the root ball!  Know this, damage to your roots can stall or hinder growth for up to 10 days…with the fruit/flower-bearing cycle of only 8-10 weeks, that is about 15-20% of the plants cycle! Plantstay; It’s like a “A Paper-Clip for your Potted Plants”.

Simply using your hands Plantstay come in 3 sizes, adjust to fit any shape or sized pots from 5″ to 24″ and everything in between. “Plantstay” is economical, re-usable and adjustable. Plantstay was designed for use with just about any size pot, from the Novice to the Avid Gardner. People who realize the damage of stabbing a foreign object in or too close to the feeder roots will welcome this revolutionary change in ‘propping-up-plants’. —Grow on try it!

*U.S Patent Pending— To view a 2 minute commercial go here


2 Responses to Go to Plantstay.com

  1. I think all the potted plants that I moved into my garden were crooked… Well, I’ll know for next time..

  2. vimax says:

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